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Action Name[edit]

This is the name that will appear in the list of actions on the Action Screen.


If you want to control a device that Home Remote does not control natively, or want to send data to a URL then a URL action is required. See URL for more information.


Home Remote supports Indigo Home Automation software natively and can call Indigo actions and devices. See Indigo for more information.


It's not just Milight, but Limitless LED and EasyBulb too. All these bulbs work on the same standards, and Home Remote can control any RGBW or Dual White bulbs with this action. See Milight for more information. Older Milight equipment that is not natively supported can be controlled with the TCP/UDP action.


You can control individual LIFX bulbs and groups with this action. See LIFX for more information.


Belkin WeMos can have their status set to on, off or toggle . See WeMo for more information.


If you have older milight equipment you can control it with this action. It's also great for sending data to RS232 devices, or any other equipment that requires hex sent over TCP to UDP. See TCP/UDP for more information.

Multi Action[edit]

Great for setting scenes, a Multi Action allows you to combine any number of existing actions, of any type. Want to turn off every piece of equipment when you leave the house, then this is for you. See Multi Action for more information.


Not an an action, but a color block you can insert so that your Today Screen can be in a format that suits you. See Spacer for more information.