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The Add Action screen is the first screen you will see when you open Home Remote. It provides a row of buttons to give access to edit, multi find & replace, Home Remote: Remote, help and settings. Below that is a list of actions, if any have been created, with the ability to edit them or add attributes on to each action. The attributes are beacon activation, geofence activation, voice recognition, scheduled activation, and button configuration. See Action Buttons & Attributes for more information.

Action Screen Buttons[edit]

To add an action to Home Remote press the Add Action... button. This will present the Action Choice Screen where you can select your action type. There are 5 buttons directly below the Add Action... button, each of which will be covered here.

Global Edit[edit]

When pressed, this button will present the move and delete action options allowing you to re-order or remove actions from your list.

Multi Find & Replace[edit]

When pressed, this button will present a dialogue box asking first the piece of text you want to replace then another asking for what you want to replace it with. This action, if used incorrectly, may render the list of actions unreadable. Due to this, a back-up of the actions is made and can be downloaded and restored from iTunes File Sharing for Home Remote. See Backing Up or Restoring a Home Remote Configuration.

Home Remote: Remote[edit]

When pressed, this button will present a screen enabling you to log in with Facebook or Twitter. Once signed in you can use Home Remote: Remote to relay commands from an external network to your internal network, providing you have an active iOS device or powered on Mac on you local network. See Home Remote: Remote for more detailed information.


When pressed, this button will present the Wiki you are reading now. This documentation will be updated when any new features are added to Home Remote.


When pressed, this button will present the Home Remote settings, which can also be navigated to from the settings app in iOS. If your settings screen is only showing a few settings then force quit the settings app - this but only presents itself if you open settings immediately after installing Home Remote, and occurs with all iOS apps. See Settings for more detailed information.

Action Buttons & Attributes[edit]

Any Home Remote action can be edited and also have a series of extra attributes added to it.

Edit Action[edit]

This button will edit the individual action as opposed to the similar button that is not tied to an action and which will edit the whole table of actions. When tapped you will be given the option to rename the action then cancel, save or continue with editing the action. The edit screen that appears will be dependant on the action type you are editing, see that type in the documentation for further information.

Location Based Attribute[edit]

This button will present a screen giving you the choice of location attributes, Beacon Attribute or a Geofence Attribute. Both will provide location based triggering of actions. See the respective sections for more information.

Voice Recognition Attribute[edit]

Home Remote uses the OpenEars library for voice recognition. You can use the name of the action or a customised name. See Voice Recognition Attribute for more information.

Scheduled Attribute[edit]

This button will assign a scheduled trigger to the action. For a schedule to trigger the iOS device must be left on, with the app open. This is an iOS limitation. Schedules can also be sent to the Mac version of Home Remote - Activator. See Scheduled Attribute for more information.

Button Configuration Attribute[edit]

This button will present the Button Configuration Attribute screen allowing you to select the color the button will display along with what devices it will show on. If your device supports 3D Touch you can also configure if this action is available as a shortcut. If you have an Apple TV you can also set the action to appear as Top Shelf item on the Apple TV.