Backing Up or Restoring a Home Remote Configuration

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Creating a Back Up[edit]

Home Remote isn't just great for you, it's has awesome partner approval ratings too. After setting up your configuration you will most likely want to share it, so that everyone can control the household equipment. As Home Remote syncs over iCloud, another way had to be built. In the Settings screen you will see a switch titled "Generate Configuration", turn this switch on and open the app. You will be shown a dialogue box, offering the choice to save the configuration file to iTunes File Sharing or email it, if email is set up on that device.

Restoring a Back Up[edit]

To restore a back up, either place it in the iTunes File Sharing area and then open the app, or email it to the device and tap the attachment. You will have the option to open the attachment with Home Remote. When you do, the actions will be created on the device. If the configuration file was in the iTunes File Sharing area then it will be deleted after it has successfully been restored.