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Geofences are a great way of triggering actions when you enter or exit their proximity, which can be anywhere in the world. When activating this setting for the first time you will need to grant Home Remote access to your location.



This is where you can tap to add a pin to the map. Standard iOS controls apply, pan with 1 finger, zoom or rotate with 2. Tap to add a pin where you want the geofence origin to be.

Radius Slider[edit]

The radius of you geofence can be from 20 metres to 5 kilometres, which provides a maximum geofence of 10 kilometres. The slider will snap to the nearest 20 metres, and you can tap either side of the drag handle to make fine adjustments.

Trigger On[edit]

This option defines whether the action should trigger the action when you enter or leave the geofence's proximity.


This option defines whether you will receive a notification when the action is triggered. It is recommended to turn this on if this is your first geofence action so you can a feel for when you enter and leave the geofence range.

Notify with Prompt[edit]

This option defines whether the notification you receive when the action is triggered calls the action immediately, or prompt the user to activate it. For example, you may not want the lights in your house to turn off every time you leave, as there might be others in the house. This option will require you to swipe on the notification to activate it. If using the Apple Watch, the notification the watch shows will have the buttons visible to call the action. Multiple actions can be assigned to the same geofence, meaning you will receive multiple options.


This is used in the notification display for the geofence, and is required.

Operate Between Hours[edit]

This will allow you to define when the geofence attribute is active. You can select a start time and end time, or use the sun or sun set options. For example, you may only want your driveway lights to come on when you near your property at night, not during the day. In this instance you would use an activation time of sunset to sunrise.