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Indigo Server[edit]

Here you can manually type the URL to you indigo server. If the iOS device is on the same network as your Indigo server then you can use the search button (magnifying glass) and the Indigo server will be automatically discovered. If you use an Indigo Reflector then it will also automatically discover that, and prompt you to select either the local URL, or the Reflector URL. Using the Home Remote: Remote service provides similar functionality to the Indigo Reflector.

Username & Password[edit]

The username and password for your Indigo server. Once you have entered these, you will need to press the Connect button (not visible in this screen shot) if you have not previously connected.


All the devices you have set up in Indigo will be visible here. Home Remote caches the values from the Indigo server, so if you add any new devices you will need to refresh the values in Home Remote with the refresh button. Devices will supports a mix of actions, but Home Remote only supports on, off and toggle. If you want to trigger something that Home Remote does not support, then you can create it as an Indigo action and then call that from Home Remote. Indigo devices will provide feedback on the Today Screen in terms of green or red indicator icons, reflecting the status of the device.


Actions do not support any options such as on, off or toggle - they are just executed. Indigo actions will provide feedback on the Today Screen in terms of a green indicator icon, showing the Indigo action has been called.