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If no bulbs have previously been discovered, then Home Remote will search for any LIFX bulbs and LIFX groups. Once these have been found, the result will be cached, so if you add any new devices you will need to refresh the values in Home Remote with the refresh button.


Any lights connected to the same network as your iOS device will appear here. This is for selecting individual lights.


Any discovered lights will report the group they belong to, if any. This is ideal for controlling groups of lights.

On or Off[edit]

Defines whether you want to turn the light on or off.


Here you can set the hue, saturation and brightness of the light, along with the color temperature. If a light or group is selected when choosing a color, the bulb or group will update in real time as you chose the color. There is also a list of your four previously selected colors. Unlike the official LIFX app, setting the color of a bulb will also cause it to turn on.