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Home Remote only requests your location information when it needs to. Your location information is used to establish your sunrise and sunset times for Scheduled Attributes, or your position for a Geofence Attribute or a Beacon Attribute. If you don't allow location access in the app, you can turn it on here if you later change your mind.


Home Remote only requests microphone access when it needs to. The microphone access is used when you turn on a Voice Recognition Attribute on an action. All voice recognition is done locally, and only when the app is open. No voice data is sent to any server. Home Remote uses the OpenEars library for iOS which supports the English language only. Other languages might work, but are not supported. If you don't allow microphone access in the app, you can turn it on here if you later change your mind.


Home Remote uses notifications for schedules, as well as Geofence Attributes and Beacon Attributes if requested by the user. If you don't allow notifications in the app, you can turn it on here if you later change your mind.

Mobile Data[edit]

This is an OS specific setting, and is on by default. It is not recommend you change this.

Default Milight IP and Port[edit]

If you are going to create lots of Milight actions that all share the same bridge, you can enter the default IP address here, and Home Remote will populate the IP Address field with this value when you create a new action.

Voice Recognition[edit]


This is what you will need to say before you call an action using the Voice Recognition Attribute. The default is "Home Remote", but can be changed to any other value, including an empty string.


Disable When Locked[edit]

As your Today Screen might have security sensitive actions you can stop them working while the device is locked. If you turn this option on, the buttons will still show, but pressing them will not cause any actions to be executed.


Reset Alerts[edit]

When turned on, this switch will cause any in-app alerts to re-display, such as when selecting warm, cold, brightness up or brightness down on Dual White Milights.

Generate Configuration[edit]

Home Remote allows you export your action list for back up, or for sending to another device. Turn this switch on and then re-open the app. A dialogue will appear asking if you want to save the configuration or email it. See Backing Up or Restoring a Home Remote Configuration for more information.

Sync without iCloud[edit]

Apple specify that apps have to work without iCloud enabled. For the Apple TV, this means an option to sync with the phone without requiring iCloud. If your Apple TV has iCloud disabled, use this option to sync with it. When Home Remote - Activator for Apple TV is opened without iCloud enabled it will display a message on the screen, including its IP address. Turn this option on and then open Home Remote. You will be prompted to enter the IP address shown on your TV and the action list will sync.